Community Programs
Canon Precision contributes to the community through a variety of initiatives, including community clean-up activities, youth classes, welfare support, and participation in festivals, all of which support local residents.
Community Clean-up for the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival (April)
Community Clean-up for the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival
Our employees and their families, numbering about 200 in all, take part in a cleanup of the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom venue every year. This initiative, which was launched in 2010, ensures that visitors and tourists from around Japan can fully enjoy the beautiful blossoms at the festival.
Summer Youth Class (July)
Summer Youth Class
This initiative began in 2005 with a focus on elementary school students. It features Neputa Goldfish Class, Neputa Picture Class, and other traditional crafts. Currently, businesses are volunteering to provide a Motor Workshop. At the same time, environmental classes are held to create opportunities for raising awareness about the environment through experiments. Moreover, during company tours, employees from various departments who are experts in their fields deliver interesting lectures.
Comments from participants
  • "I learned the importance of the '3 Rs' — reduce, reuse and recycle — so from now one I will bring a shopping bag with me when I go shopping."
  • "I discovered many things I had not experienced at school."
  • Understood how a motor turns.
  • My interest on machines became bigger after visiting the factory which is normally an off limit to us.
Apple Picking (October)
Apple Picking
Canon Precision invited children from a daycare center to try their hand at picking apples on the company grounds. Apples picked by the children are processed into juice that is donated to local social welfare institutions.
Following the harvest, the children were treated to a picture show about the environment as part of the eco classroom.
Christmas Visit to the Daycare Nursery (December)
Christmas Visit to the Daycare Nursery
An employee dressed as Santa Claus visits a daycare nursery to entertain and celebrate Christmas with the very young children.
Digital Camera Workshop (April–November)
Digital Camera Workshop
In this workshop, we showed fourth to sixth grade pupils how to use digital cameras. Each student was given a digital camera to shoot pictures of the school and playground. These pictures were then printed out and displayed. This workshop was intended to make the children more aware of their environment by encouraging them to look more closely at nature through a camera lens.
Workshop locations
  • Aomori City Okidate Elementary School
  • Hirosaki Chien Elementary School
  • Hirosaki Watoku Elementary School
  • Hirosaki Horikoshi Elementary School

Comments from participants
  • "It was very exciting to hold the camera."
  • "I felt grown-up, like a real photographer."
  • "The camera helped me to see so many different things that I don't normally notice."
  • "By looking more closely at things I usually don't notice, I learned that different stories can be revealed."
The volunteer activity at Danburi pond, Hirosaki city
The volunteer activity at Danburi pond, Hirosaki city
Canon Precision Inc., for the expansion of its contribution to the local environmental activities, became a member of Hirosaki Environment Pertnership 21 (HEP21) from 2016. CPI participated in the improvement project of Danburi pond of which the natural environment group of HEP21 takes a lead. Danburi pond is a biotope utilizing the fallow field in between clear streams of Ohatasawa & Akasawa in Sakamoto, Hirosaki-city.
HEP21 : An organization who makes various environmental activities under the treaty with Hirosaki city Six (6) teams are working under respective themes.
Danburi: means a dragonfly in Tsugaru dialect.
Ecology classes  visit local schools (Year round)
Ecology classes  visit local schools (Year round)
Under the theme 'Recycling by utilizing characteristics of goods', off-site ecology classes are held. The 4th grade kids of local elementary schools can learn it through the disassembling of toner cartridges.
Comments from participants
  • Understood how to separate disposed goods.
  • It was fun to experiment with friends and learned a lot.
  • The video of the recycling process was amazing!
Participating in Hirosaki's Four Great Festivals
To contribute to community vitalization and maintain harmony with local residents, Canon Precision participates in Hirosaki’s four great festivals.
Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival
Hirosaki Neputa Festival
Hirosaki Castle Autumn Chrysanthemum Festival
Hirosaki Castle Snow Garden Lantern Festival
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