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About Hirosaki
Hirosaki is a city located in western Aomori prefecture.
Hirosaki is Japan's largest producer of apples (20% of national production).
The traditional industries of Tsugaru-nuri (Tsugaru lacquerware), Tsugaru-yaki (Tsugaru pottery), and Koginzashi (patterned needlework) continue to be pursued in Hirosaki. Mt. Iwaki and Hirosaki Castle are two famous sites in this region.
Hirosaki’s Four Great Festivals
Hirosaki Park
Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival (April)
Hirosaki celebrates cherry blossoms in full bloom in late April. Hirosaki Park is well known for its 2,600 cherry trees of nearly 50 species. More than 300 Someiyoshino cherry trees, some more than 100 years old, flourish during this season, attracting two million tourists from all over Japan. Turrets and straw-rope-pattern pottery found in the park and dating back some 400 years are also known as important cultural properties.
Hirosaki Neputa Festival
Hirosaki Neputa Festival (August)
The Hirosaki Neputa Festival marks the height of summer in the region. A great number of local people roam the city, parading floats decorated with pictures of samurai, while chanting "Ya Ya-do!" to the accompaniment of traditional Japanese drums and flutes.
Hirosaki Castle Autumn Chrysanthemum Festival
Hirosaki Castle Autumn Chrysanthemum Festival (October)
In October, Hirosaki Park turns into one of the best spots for enjoying the magnificent autumn scenery of Tsugaru. The colored leaves of 1,000 maple trees and 2,600 cherry trees interspersed with the evergreen needles of 2,200 pines create a stunning view. Chrysanthemum dolls and topiaries are on exhibit at Hirosaki Castle Botanical Garden.
Hirosaki Castle Snow Garden Lantern Festival
Hirosaki Castle Snow Garden Lantern Festival (February)
Hirosaki Castle showcases another splendid view in a wintertime display. Five hundred garden lanterns and stone statues of all shapes and sizes line Hirosaki Park, illuminating the park with ethereal light at night.
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