Humanitarian & Disaster Relief
Canon Precision is an active participant in the Ecocap Movement, a disaster relief fund for disaster areas, office fundraising, and blood drives.
Ecocap Movement (since March 2009)
Ecocap Movement
Canon Precision participates in the campaign to collect and recycle plastic bottle caps. This campaign helps reduce CO2 emissions. The proceeds from the bottle caps are used to donate vaccines to children in developing countries through the Social Welfare Concil. Employees collect bottle caps at home and at work.
Whenever a natural disaster occurs in Japan or another country, we set up in-house donation boxes to collect donations.
For example, we turned our summer festival into a charity event, and part of the proceeds of sales as well as other donations were donated to recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Blood Drive
Blood Drive
The blood drive bus parks on our company premises to collect blood donations.
Every year between 100 and 130 of our employees participate in our blood drive and are awarded a letter of appreciation from the Aomori prefectural government and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for their efforts.
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