Environmental Conservation
Working to Protect the Environment

Canon Precision is meeting the challenge to maximize resource efficiency. If we are to be committed to manufacturing high-quality goods with minimal resources, sorting, recycling, and waste reduction are not sufficient.

Throughout all stages of the product life cycle, including development, engineering, procurement, production, distribution, usage, and disposal, we must strive to reduce energy and resource consumption, eliminate harmful substances, and promote other eco-friendly approaches that reduce the environmental burden.

To that end, while we continue to review our production processes at the technical level to eliminate harmful substances in the phases of design and development and to restructure material procurement and processes, we have established a reduction target for CO2 emissions with regard to logistics. To achieve this target, Canon Precision is making a concerted effort by shortening and reducing intramural shipping and by switching from trucks to rail freight transportation.

Furthermore, Canon Precision is promoting green procurement in cooperation with our partner companies.

Environmental Conservation
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