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Canon Precision Inc. Privacy Policy
Canon Precision Inc. ("Canon Precision") recognizes the importance and value of personal information. When we use such information in our business operations, we respect personal privacy and are committed to protecting personal information as a part of our social responsibility.
Canon Precision is dedicated to the principle of personal information protection in keeping with the following corporate policies.
Canon Precision makes these policies available to its employees and to the general public.
1. Compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and Other Applicable Regulations
Canon Precision ("The company") shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan and other applicable national guidelines and regulations.
2. Establishment and Continuous Improvement of a Personal Information Management System
The company shall make its executives and employees aware of the importance of personal information protection. To ensure proper information security, the company shall establish, implement, maintain, and continuously improve its personal information protection management system (including policies, rules, procedures, systems, plans, implementation, operational management, auditing, and reviewing of the system to protect individual rights and benefits considering the usefulness of the personal information in the company's possession).
3. Compliance with "Procedures for Protection of Personal Information"
In accordance with "Procedures for Protection of Personal Information" and other applicable regulations, the company shall establish a system for managing personal information, considering the operations and sizes of each department. The company shall acquire, use, store, and disclose personal information in an appropriate manner in the course of its business operations, which entail the development, manufacture, and sale of motion control devices and the manufacture of sensors and toner cartridges. The company shall also respond appropriately to requests or inquiries from individuals to review or correct their personal information.
The company shall prohibit the use of personal information in a manner that exceeds its intended and specified purposes and shall take appropriate measures to prevent the misuse of personal information.
4. Ensuring the Integrity and Security of Personal Information
The company shall strive to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of the personal information in its possession in order to maintain its integrity and security. To protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage, the company shall employ appropriate information technology and its personal information management system for applying rational security measures and corrective measures.
5. Response to Complaints and Inquiries
The company shall respond quickly and appropriately to complaints and inquiries from individuals with respect to its handling of personal information and its personal information management system.
6. Compliance with Rules on the International Transfer of Personal Information
When transferring personal information between countries, the company shall comply with the laws and applicable regulations of the relevant country or region.
Revised June 1, 2013
Established August 1, 2005
Yoshiya Nomura, President

Canon Precision Inc.
Administrative Manager (General Manager of Personal Information Protection), Canon Precision Inc.
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