Our CO2 Reduction Efforts
Canon Precision promotes the reduction of CO2 emissions through multilateral efforts to prevent global warming.

Canon is promoting activities throughout the Group for the development of technologies to prevent global warming, and for the improvement of production facilities and air conditioning equipment that consumes a large amount of energy. The entire Canon Group is taking initiatives to reduce energy consumption, establishing the "Energy Cost Reduction Working Group" in 2014 to promote energy conservation activities among each operational division in association with the Facility Department.
As a member of the Canon Group, Canon Precision has also made efforts to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions.Specifically, energy consumption/CO2 emission data and energy conservation activities are monitored by the "Environmental Executive Management Committee," which is comprised of upper management, while the junior "Energy Reduction Subcommittee" plans for CO2 emissions reduction and promotes energy conservation activities together with each operational division and the Facilities Operations Department.

Canon Precision's recent efforts to reduce CO2 emissions
Recent efforts to reduce CO2 emissions
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