Product Safety
Having adopted the following Policy on Product Safety, Canon Precision Inc. (“Canon Precision”) shall adhere to its corporate philosophy and contribute to the enrichment of society by delivering advanced, high-quality products and services that safely meet customer needs. We shall abide by this policy as a member of the Canon Group.

• Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • Canon Precision shall act in conformity with all laws, regulations, policies, guidelines, and other rules governing product safety.
  • We shall implement employee educational and training programs focused on these laws and regulations and on corporate rules in order to instill a good understanding of product safety throughout the company.
• Ensuring Product Safety
  • Canon Precision shall make every effort to ensure that we provide our customers with safe products. To that end, we shall endeavor to constantly improve on safety by conforming to our own safety standards in addition to the safety requirements established by laws and the industry.
  • To support the safe and correct use of our products, Canon Precision shall provide the necessary warning labels and indications on products and in instruction manuals as part of our precautionary measures against product-related accidents.
  • Canon Precision shall implement educational and training programs for employees and other relevant personnel to ensure product safety and prevent product-related accidents.
• Responding to Product-related Accidents
  • Canon Precision shall develop a system for promptly gathering information on accidents involving our products.
  • In the event of a serious accident caused by one of our products, Canon Precision shall, as required by law, promptly report the incident to an administrative agency through Canon Inc. and shall inform affected customers as appropriate.
  • Should a product related accident occur, Canon Precision shall take all necessary measures, including recall and repair.
• Formulating Our Voluntary Action Plan
  • Canon Precision shall aim to instill a corporate culture that respects customers and product safety by implementing a Voluntary Action Plan for Product Safety according to our stated policy and shall undertake constant improvements to ensure its effectiveness.
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