Our Business
Motion Control
Meeting customer needs with diverse product categories and customized products
Motion Control
Our compact DC motors, developed for use in Canon 8-mm movie cameras, have been further refined for use in audiovisual devices, single-lens reflex cameras, office equipment, and other applications. The scope of application for these motors has continued to expand, and they can now be found in product categories subject to high demand, including polygon mirror drives for laser printers, information peripherals, industrial machinery, appliances, cash machines and medical devices. Our product lines include iron-core, coreless and brushless motors as well as optional equipment for gears and encoders. In addition, our simulation technologies enable us to offer actuator units and other essential parts to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.
Energy-efficient small motors have the advantage of consuming little power, which makes them the popular choice of industries worldwide. By offering the unique ability to customize our products, we remain committed to meeting customer needs.
Sensor Operations
Delivering Core Components for Video Equipment from Ultra-clean Rooms
Our clean rooms not only focus on improved cleanliness, but also make full use of proprietary clean systems and cleaning techniques to control dirt and dust. Manufacturing operations using the highest level of clean environments have supported and will continue to support Canon's key devices. Canon Precision remains committed to meeting expectations in this high-tech industry.
Toner Cartridge Operations
Fully Automated Production of High-quality Products to Meet Varied Needs
Toner Cartridge Operations
With its innovative cartridges, Canon Precision has achieved a breakthrough in the supply of toner for copiers and printers. Since starting production in 1988, Canon Precision has constantly responded to the market by developing a broad selection of products. During this period, our production lines have been developed to fully automated lines that make full use of the latest technologies aiming for higher qualities.
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